Top Benefits of a Retractable Bow Thruster

For most new boat owners, docking can be a challenge in the first few days, especially in a new marina. That is why most boating enthusiasts buy boats equipped with features that aid in maneuverability. One such add-on is the bow thruster. If your vessel does not come equipped with a thruster, there is no need to worry because your boat mechanic can add one for you. However, you have to choose from a vast array of bow thrusters. This article highlights reasons you should choose a retractable bow thruster over the rest.

Eliminates Additional Drag

Drag is an enemy to boaters because the force tends to interfere with smooth sailing. Therefore, boat designers and manufacturers do their best to reduce the amount of drag created by a boat's features. Notably, the external thrusters found in most vessels tend to add drag because the add-ons remain exposed underwater even when not in use. This is where retractable thrusters prove exceptional to other designs. Since they retract back into the hull when not in use, the thrusters eliminate potential drag. This goes a long way in improving a boat's maneuverability and its speed.

Solves Draft Limitations

The draft of a boat largely determines the minimum depth a boat can navigate safely. Therefore, when adding a bow thruster to the boat, it is crucial to factor the size of the boat's draft. For instance, if your boat has a small draft, an external bow thruster will be too close to the water line for efficacy. Additionally, it will be challenging to navigate through relatively shallow marinas. A retractable thruster solves this issue mainly because it can be adjusted to the desired depth. This way, even if the boat's draft is small, the retractable thruster can still be adjusted deeper into the water for efficiency. Besides, retractable thrusters can be used in shallow waters comfortably without worrying about hitting the ocean bed.

Zero Vibrations 

Since a bow thruster is connected to a boat's hull, it is paramount to keep the parts tight, especially during sailing. The reason is that as the boat moves on water, the thruster is exposed to water forces acting against it. These forces make the thruster vulnerable to vibrations, which often lead to uncomfortable noises. A retractable thruster, on the other hand, is not exposed to water forces at all times since it stays inside a chamber in the hull until it is required. This eliminates any vibrations and noise while sailing.

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