3 Smaller Boat Repairs You Should Never Put Off

Being a boat owner means constantly being proactive about even the smallest of problems. Boats operate in a very corrosive environment with saltwater constantly trying to erode everything it can touch. Additionally, the blaring sunlight takes a toll on all the finer materials above board. With so many things constantly need monitoring, it can be so easy to just let a few little issues go. However, these little problems will always grow into something bigger if not dealt with, so, as annoying as it can be, you should always try and fix them as soon as possible.

1. Gelcoat Repairs

Boat repairs come in all shapes and sizes, and an oft underrated one is that of the Gelcoat. Gelcoat covers many boat surfaces from the very caustic saltwater that surrounds boats all the time. Eventually, everyone's Gelcoat will show signs of wear and tear, from a small scratch here to a large gouge there. If left alone, these weaknesses will let water get into the far more fragile inner layers and begin eroding the frame of your boat. Make sure the next time you go for boat repairs, you get your Gelcoat thoroughly checked.

2. Electric Repairs

It is not uncommon to see a boat owner banging their faulty navigational equipment. It seems like every boat is in a constant state of disrepair when it comes to the electrical systems. While that may add to the charm of a boat, it is actually quite a dangerous issue you should get looked at right away. If this problem flares up when you are far away from shore or in the middle of a storm, then the results could be quite dangerous. Most boat repairs will test your electrical systems for you and diagnose them quickly so you can be on your way back to the water. 

3. Stringers Repair

Boat stringers help give the boat its shape by supporting the deck. If you notice a section of your deck starting to sag or creak more often then not, then you might want to get that section checked out. Stringers can rot if they get old (or wet) enough, and you don't want to suddenly be falling through the floor of your deck. If your boat is older or hasn't had a service in many years, it can be a good idea to have a boat repair technician give it a thorough once-over inspection to determine the state of your stringers. This goes doubly if you are having a lot of people on your boat that might wear the stringers quicker.