How to Upgrade the Exhaust on Your Bike for Better Performance

If you really want to improve the performance of your bike and even take part in some weekend competition, then one of the first places to look is your exhaust system. If it is still standard and is fitted by the manufacturers, then it will be perfectly adequate but not much more.

Various Options

There are various different types of exhaust pipe available, from the basic or muffler-based product to the full system that is configured to work well from the block of the engine all the way to the back. If you're really serious about what you're trying to do, you should focus on the full system for many different reasons.

Weight, Speed and Efficiency

For example, you may be able to fit a titanium system to your machine instead, and if you do, this would be a great deal lighter than the original. With less weight, you will be able to get more performance. Furthermore, a special exhaust will enable your engine to breathe more efficiently, and as it does so, you'll be able to get more speed from the machine. Remember, a crafted and tailored exhaust pipe can improve your fuel efficiency and will expel the exhaust air more quickly, leading to less restriction.

Material Choice

There are many different materials involved in an exhaust upgrade. At the high end of the scale are carbon fibre and lightweight titanium. You can choose aluminium or stainless steel depending on your budget, but remember, some of these options (while they may be more durable in the long run) could nevertheless be heavier.

Sound Effects

You may be able to gain one further advantage from your upgrade as well. Once you have fitted your new exhaust and tuned everything in correctly, the bike will sound a lot 'sportier,' whether it's on the street or the track.

Getting It Right

If you've never taken on this type of work before, talk with others who have experience. They may have taken part in the style of weekend competition you are considering and may be able to advise you what to buy in terms of a performance upgrade. Some authorities may specify the type or configuration of exhaust, and you want to make sure that you comply before you go out and spend any of your money.

Making a Move

Talk with a supplier of products like Husqvarna parts and draw up your list.