How to Save Costs When Buying a Used Motorcycle

Used motorcycles are a perfect choice for people with a limited budget. The excerpt below discusses how you can save costs when buying a used bike. 

Work with a Reputable Dealer

There are several benefits of working with a reputable dealer: 

  • Most dealers have a wide range of bikes on their premises and in their catalogues. As such, you save time and cash that could have been used travelling as you look for a suitable bike.
  • Dealers often provide guarantees and warranties on the used bike. 
  • Dealers may provide after-sales services such as insurance, transport and free servicing.
  • Some dealers provide financing for people with inadequate funds. Their hire purchase terms may be friendlier compared to what you may get from your bank. 

Thorough Inspection

The used bike must be in excellent condition. It is a sure way to avoid extra repair and maintenance costs. A leaking engine could have damaged seals. Inspect the electrical system, tires and brakes. Ask for a test drive to ascertain that the accelerator and transmission system are perfect. If you are not a motorcycle expert, you could ask for a pre-purchase inspection report from a reputable garage. If the bike is defective, the dealer should be ready to conduct repairs before selling the bike. 

You may find restored bikes that have a new engine, transmission, paint and tyres. Although these bikes may be a bit expensive, they last longer than a standard used bike. 


People that do not have appropriate winter storage facilities may be in a hurry to sell their bikes at the start of winter. You could also wait till winter when dealers have low sales. They will give good discounts as a way to boost their winter sales. Alternatively, you could buy the bike a few weeks before the release of a new model. Most people will sell their motorbikes at low prices to ensure they are first to purchase the latest models.

Be Careful About Internet Sales

You must observe caution when buying used bikes on the internet. Below are some useful tips: 

  • Check internet reviews to ensure that the website is genuine.
  • Other than the indicated price, inquire about hidden charges such as servicing, transport and taxes.
  • Use promotion codes to take advantage of discounts.
  • Inquire about the seller's return policy. For instance, you should not incur a return shipping fee if the bike is defective. Also, insist on guarantees. 

Working with a motorcycle dealer, thorough inspections and proper timing are sure ways to save costs when buying a used bike. As a rule, you should always negotiate even if you think the bike is reasonably priced.