Three Indispensable Tips for Installing a New Boat Thruster

Modern boats have thruster systems incorporated during the initial design and manufacturing. However, if you have an old vessel, you can upgrade it with this unit to improve the overall handling and manoeuvrability. In general, installing a thruster system will make moving and docking in tight spaces easier. Also, the additional lateral flexibility will allow you to handle your boat without a lot of assistance. Besides, improved performance will promote safety and make boating more exciting. If you are unfamiliar with thrusters, consider these guidelines for a successful installation.

Choose a Suitable Unit

The quality of the thruster system will determine long-term performance after installation. Therefore, it is essential to select and purchase a suitable product. There are some critical factors that you should take into account when shopping. The most critical is the type of thruster which is compatible with your boat design. The common options include electric, hydraulic and retractable bow thrusters and stern thrusters. It is also prudent to choose a system that is appropriately-sized for your vessel. Additionally, choose good boating products from reliable fabricators.

Consider Battery Position

Thruster systems will come with instructions on installation after purchase. It is important to follow these guidelines for the right results. However, you must note that there will be discrepancies in the design of different boats. Therefore, you will need to make appropriate adjustments to ensure that the thruster works exceptionally. One of the important issues that you should address during installation is the positioning of the battery.

Most people opt for a battery-powered thruster, so this is an important consideration. Where possible, you must place the thruster close to the power unit. This practice is beneficial because the thruster draws a lot of power. If it is further away, there will be electrical inefficiencies in the charge flow. This could compromise function. Also, a long distance between the thruster and the battery could compromise the function of other accessories, including lights and GPS.

Install Sacrificial Anodes

Finally, you should plan on installing sacrificial anodes after placing the thruster system. This process is important because the underwater gear leg is highly vulnerable to corrosion. In simple terms, it will be constantly exposed to water, which will promote an accelerated reaction. If the issue is not managed, the thruster will sustain damage within a short period. A protective anode will prevent wear and prolong the thruster service life.

If you are uncertain about thruster installation, consult a qualified boat mechanic for professional assistance. Check out this site,, or similar sites for more information.