Top Benefits of a Retractable Bow Thruster

For most new boat owners, docking can be a challenge in the first few days, especially in a new marina. That is why most boating enthusiasts buy boats equipped with features that aid in maneuverability. One such add-on is the bow thruster. If your vessel does not come equipped with a thruster, there is no need to worry because your boat mechanic can add one for you. However, you have to choose from a vast array of bow thrusters.

Buying Used Boats: A Guide For First-Time Boat Owners

First-time boat owners may have a hard time buying used boats. Other than the challenges associated with choosing a suitable model, they may not have the technical expertise required to inspect the condition of the boat. Below is a guide to the various considerations first-time boat owners should make when buying used boats. Maintenance Most people purchase used boats because they do not have sufficient funds to buy a new boat.

Key Benefits of a Digital Twin When Servicing a Boat

If you've recently purchased a boat, then you want it to last a long time. However, sustained maintenance and repairs make it challenging to keep track of structural changes to a vessel. This can result in complicated future repairs as the boat approaches the end of its life. Thanks to technology, there is no more uncertainty since marine engineers can rely on a vessel's digital twin to keep up with changes in the boat's configuration.